Popcorn Soup

Rose's Luxury

One of the most amazing foods I have tried recently is the Popcorn Soup at Rose’s Luxury in Washington, DC. This restaurant is currently the number one restaurant according to Bon Appetit Magazine. So, we headed to the restaurant and after waiting outside for a little over an hour (no reservations accepted) we were seated at a cozy window seat. You feel like you are having dinner at your grandmother’s house, just delightful. From the vintage drinking glasses to the mismatched silver, the atmosphere is very warm and inviting.

Now to the Popcorn Soup, one of the first things we ordered. It arrived in an oversized shot glass with popcorn floating on the top of the soup. The closest description I could glean was a combination of movie theater style popcorn soaked in cream, strained and heated. Sounds too simple for such a delicious soup. I am sure I missed something in the description because this soup was one of the most wonderful things I have tasted. Just delightful. Instead of trying to recreate this at home, I will head back to Rose’s anytime for this pot of deliciousness. What a treat!

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