Nancy’s Christmas Trifle

I have had a busy weekend with friends and family, celebrating the holidays.  I always love the Christmas season because I get a chance to visit with friends that I do not see on a regular basis.  Another highlight is to see beautiful homes decorated lavishly with wonderful holiday decor.  Oh and did I mention, wonderful food!  Yes, this is the time of year that I get inspiration from others and relish tasting new food creations.  One of the best this weekend was my friend, Nancy’s, gingerbread trifle.  I had to take a photo since it looked fantastic and it tasted even better.

Nancy trifle


Nancy’s Trifle

Using parfait glasses, pour 1 tablespoon of bourbon in each glass and swirl.  Then crumble pre-made gingerbread into each glass.  Add one dollop of lemon curd (you can purchase in most grocery stores) and then additional dollops of whipped cream.  It also might be fun to soak a few raisins in bourbon and add to each trifle.  Easy, delicious, and elegant.